Update for FALL 2021

Update for FALL 2021

WYC is still in a suspended mode for several reasons.

1. Delta variant — concerning levels of tranmission.

2. Immunizations — some of our singers are not eligible for vaccination due to age, and some of our older singers have siblings at home who are not vaccinated. We want everyone to be safe.

3. Lack of space — we have not been given permission to use our usual Mast Landing rehearsal space. We are contemplating looking for another location.

4. Zoom — conductors and singers both found zoom rehearsals to be a poor substitute for gathered singing, so we have opted to not continue zoom calls at this immediate time.

We certainly miss making music with our students! We will let you know when we have figured out how to make WYC happen! We certainly thought that by FALL 2021 we would be back to normal, or at least a NEW normal. This pandemic is pretty discouraging for the arts and entertainment in general. But we hope for the future!