Our Name: “Wescustago”

The chorale is named after the Wescustago River, also known as the Royal River, which flows through North Yarmouth, Maine. ‘Wescustago’ is derived from two Abenaki words: ‘Wescus’, meaning ‘clear’ and ‘tegooe’, meaning ‘a stream moved by wind or tide’. Hence, ‘Wecustago’ is ‘the clear tidal river.’ We hope that the Wescustago Youth Chorale experience is one where the the spirit or tide of music will move each teen singer as she or he grows to clarify her or his identity.

Our Mission

The mission of Wescustago Youth Chorale is to provide a superior choral arts education in which students gain not only musical skills and a life-long appreciation of music, but also develop individual skills and strategies that will help them to be successful in all academic area and throughout their lives.